How Much Does An International Relations Major Make?

How Much Does An International Relations Major Make1

Study international relations involves having a broad understanding of international legislation on political, judicial and most commonly thought economic, following social phenomena. In such an interconnected world as ours, this race is especially relevant, as these professionals are able to develop methodologies and programs to zoom in and strengthen commercial ties between two people with totally different cultures, focusing on trade, international finance and market.

This race is in the list of the best paid of Mexico, averaging close to $ 930 US dollars per month, placing it in the top 10 of the country and the economy.

Although the list is among one of the best paid professions in the country, take into account that the average wage is relatively low, so as in all jobs that exist must work hard to gain access to better jobs each time.

In every job learning different languages is quite beneficial, however, this is the career that requires language par excellence, is ridiculous not be able to speak at least English, so to speak new languages like French or German (by give some examples) can help improve the workplace and thus raise the income of the person as the degree in tourism.
How Much Does An International Relations Major Make2
Naturally the recent graduate beginning of the race you can expect to earn an average of $380 to $770 dollars a month, especially in cases where it cannot demonstrate sufficient experience, however, if properly activities can be performed it is possible to rise relatively quickly.

Once past few years salaries can reach $1,500 per month, but in cases of higher positions, project, etc., wages can rise up to $2,300 to month especially if you are working in multinational companies. Among higher the posts need to travel will be higher, so you probably have to be absent for long periods of its similar to the graduates in international business houses.

If a pretty good work is performed is likely to move to locations with increased commercial activity abroad as a representative or partner of the company.

You must also take into account that Mexico should move to get a better job to cities with more trade of the country spanning ports like Manzanillo, Lazaro Cardenas, Veracruz, or cities like Cd. De Mexico, Monterrey and Guadalajara, where international business have bases of operations.

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