How Much Does A Journalist Make Per Month?

How Much Does A Journalist Make Per Month1

A journalist is a professional who is responsible for analyzing, edit, capture, investigate and news on various topics concerning the local, national population or who may have international repercussions.

This profession is one of the worst paid in Mexico, besides being a relatively dangerous work according to several international organizations, as there are risks of attacks against them routinely.

Salary journalists

There are many candidates who can fill the career profile, from arts graduates, writers, students of communication to the journalists themselves. Keep in mind this is a profession in which there is a market saturation, because while most people recognize as journalists only on television and radio presenters forget all those editors and reporters who bring the news to you these people are able to transmit to the public, it is they who do a great job and his salary is much lower in comparison. We found entertainment journalists, politicians, sports, news, TV, etc.
How Much Does A Journalist Make Per Month2
That said we will see both ends of the profession: those journalists that nobody recognized on television and doing fieldwork have salaries ranging from $300 to $ 390 US dollars, many of them simply work reporting for newspapers that are paid for each time they delivered and accepted a report, each of which can range from $50 to $200 depending on the subject.

Its range of average salary is between $460 to $620 dollars, being in an unfavorable position relative to other races, they also have a lower occupational risk and higher wages can working as a blogger.

Most people start this way and eventually they begin to climb in the jobs. Payment terms can be explained by the decrease in consumption between the print newspaper that previously represented a lot of revenue for media companies, which in recent years have declined significantly, sometimes a job being taken by young similar to the servers.

But a journalist with a distinguished career, it newscaster on TV or have a radio program can earn between $3,850 to $7,700 US dollars per month similar to stockbrokers or marine biologists also these people often have more than one program or have websites where expose information and have additional income.

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