How Much Justin Bieber Makes Per Concert?

How Much Justin Bieber Makes Per Concert

The young pop 19 years old and 5 career after singer Justin Drew Bieber accidentally become famous after uploading a video of him singing the YouTube channel has had a successful career at the beginning and controversial actions in your life private.

Originally from Ontario Canada is a talented artist who plays the drums, piano, guitar, trumpet and what you do best is sing, is part of the new generation of persons under age 30 and age where millionaires are your best teens who crowd the concerts. As we saw in How Much Miley Cyrus Earns? Justin led the list of the richest in the world followed by Miley Cyrus youth.

In the latest issue of Forbes magazine noted that the artist who won last year was Lady Gaga with $ 80 million followed by Justin who won the modest sum of $ 58 million in one year thanks to this investment in real estate and world tours, an estimated fortune of about $ 170 million. The list also find Taylor Swift (55 million dollars), Calvin Harris (46 million dollars), Rihanna (43 million dollars), Katy Perry (39 million dollars), Jennifer Lawrence ($ 26 million), Adele (25 million dollars), Kristen Stewart (22 mdd), Taylor Lautner (22 million dollars).

Stressing also the list of the highest paid musicians of 2013 led by Madonna (125 million dollars), Lady Gaga ($ 80 million), Bon Jovi (79 million dollars) and Justin Bieber 7th position with 58 million dollars.

How Much Justin Bieber Makes Per Concert?

How Much Justin Bieber Makes Per Concert2

What wins by Justin Bieber concert is something like Britney Spears and charged a little less than what it charges Madonna, U2 and Paul McCartney, Justin gets $ 3 million dollars per concert in addition to being the most sold worldwide between the requirements for a concert one clubhouse amenities, fresh food at least one full size mirror, drinks and ice are asked to be careful with foods that can be shed, rooms with controlled between 20 and 23 ° C weather, her favorite chips and nuts.

Recall that in 2012 Bieber was asked to undress How much would you charge? to what the young man did not hesitate to drop a figure for those who want to pay, this figure was $25,000 million dollars so please save if they ever see him naked but in reality fuss surrounding no doubt that this can happen and even free.

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