How Much Does Katy Perry Make Per Concert?

How Much Does Katy Perry Make Per Concert

Katy Perry is an American singer born on October 25, 1984. In the music world, things have changed a lot since the advent of CDs and digital music formats, which revolutionized the world of music but also cut the profits of many artists as it is now very easy to make fake copies of pirated music discs and digital format.

However despite this artists like Katy Perry are making millions through music that make and sell their most loyal audience. But the years begin to wreak havoc in the coffers of the singer since her fortune seems that is shrinking, however we believe that once you make a new tour this money will flow into their coffers.

How Much Does Katy Perry Make Per Concert?

As mentioned on Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber, with many artists their income is really fickle, actually among the millionaires and celebrities cannot speak of fixed income, stable even in some occasions, however his fortune behind them saves of economic setbacks.

It is estimated that the famous singer claimed $ 45 million in 2012, according to Forbes won $39 million dollars in 2013, a fairly high amount within the music world, but we must mention that there are artists who earn significantly more money as Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift.

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But where your revenue? As mentioned earlier you can get revenue from the sale of their music can be low compared to other past years due to piracy, but artists always have an ace up his sleeve, and signing agreements with various industries to create products that with your image and this brings them benefits as in the case of Katy Perry.

On the other hand we trade for which artists are helped by many companies to advertise their products, each business or marketing campaign can bring hundreds of thousands of dollars, obviously the more popular you are among the much larger mass will your pay to end of the campaign, so it is with sharing music awards.

And finally we have the gold mine of the singers who are concerts, are these shows where if you manage to fill the places which are presented will report really great benefits, estimated at $2 to $2.5 million per concert with musical hits like the most recent “Roar” in addition to being the artist Michael Jackson 5 songs from the same album on Billboard.

Consider that their tours can last more than a year traveling around the globe, so during that time his fortune may increase significantly and then stabilize once the tour is over.

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