How Much Does Luis Miguel Make Per Concert?

how much does luis miguel make per concert

The famous Mexican singer and music producer Luis Miguel Gallego Basteri born in Puerto Rico on April 19, 1970 Spanish father and Italian mother, is undoubtedly one of the most famous Latin American singers. As Wikipedia Luis Miguel has won 5 Grammy Awards and 4 Grammy Latinos and is the highest selling 50 million albums in his career dabbling in pop music, bolero, mariachi, romantic ballads, among other styles. Known as “El Sol de Mexico” in Spain and Latin America.

From the young age of 11 years driven by the hand of his father Luis Miguel debuted on television where he was so successful that soon earned a recording contract with the EMI label. Since then he has produced over 30 albums for EMI and WEA Latina.

The Sun has been characterized by his controversial private life that surround him with many women and which keeps out of the limelight, currently have 3 children; Michelle Chambers in June 1989 his relationship with Stephanie Salas; Miguel in January 2007 and in December 2008 Daniel Aracely Arámabula children.

How Much Does Luis Miguel Make Per Concert?

how much does luis miguel make per concert2

As we have seen in How much money the celebrities make. Luis Miguel Oficial has established itself in the music and this has been throughout his career but the really wins, is one of the highest paid Latino artists that charge no less than $850,000 per show is what charge private event with a show about an hour and 30 minutes, do not talk or presentations at Foro Sol Auditorio Nacional but for business presentation.

He also nicknamed by his fans as enamored Luis My King has estimated assets of close to $45 million. On the other hand gains concerts and National Auditorium is not exactly known but is estimated to more than $ 25 million of which well over $ 15 million are for the Sun and their multiple tours every year around the world has remained the sun in the charts with his impressive fortune; As his latest Tour Luis Miguel – Large Tour successes since 2010.

Unconditional – Luis Miguel

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