How Much Does A Marine Biologist Make Per Month?

How Much Does A Marine Biologist Make Per Month1

A marine biologist is a professional who has knowledge about marine ecosystems (whether oceans or rivers) the way they relate, hazards and risks that exist around them and the proper way to preserve, in addition to discovering new species as is estimated to have investigated only 5% of life in oceans.

Their activities are varied from marine conservation projects, focusing on the protection of an ecosystem, in the public sector to monitor the use of marine resources, responsible for aquariums and even can become dolphin trainers or marine biology scientists being oceanographers, biological, technical, fisheries biologists, among others.

Naturally most of the universities that offer this race is found in coastal cities, where labor supply is bigger and better remunerated in general terms.

Your salary depends largely on the sector in which they are working then cite some examples for comparison. As in most professions there are sectors that pay better and between higher the position and responsibility wages are higher.

If working in a private conservation project an ecosystem where a large sponsorship can earn up to $3850 US dollars), in some cases cooperation in the project can give a salary of $ 1,150 approximately.
How Much Does A Marine Biologist Make Per Month2
On the other hand the SEMARNAT (agency in Mexico conservation of natural resources) have a salary ranging from $1,540 to $2,300 dollars, this position conservation work performed and grant permissions to various tourism or fishing companies.

Another option is to become a teacher. A teacher working at a recognized university with a weekly working hours up to 20 hours class can earn up to $ 300 pesos class hour ends meet have $1,850.

There are farms that are located mainly in the northern part of the country where fish and shrimp are raised only for human consumption (reducing the damage that can occur in an ecosystem), which require constant supervision of a marine biologist with salaries can roam between $3,070 to 6,140 dollars if the person is responsible for the entire project.

We must also consider that at some point in your career you can mix the work described above, so that their incomes rise enough, while two jobs are available. Actually as in many other jobs as an industrial designer, pharmaceutical chemical or electrical engineer, a biologist salary depends on your experience and where labored, even in that country.

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