How Much a Mason Make?

How Much a Mason Make

Did you know that a builder has the potential to earn more than a professional? A mason is a person who is engaged in the construction and repair of any work with the use of brick walls, cement, rebar and other construction tools, a builder is able to make decisions with your criteria and present foreman in charge knowledge and experience necessary to perform basic structures such as houses, buildings, roads and bridges.

The capabilities that a mason should have are strictly physical strength, resistance to long working hours, knowledge in home construction and plumbing and electrical. The work of the builders is essential in all the work of a pair or team building foundations, walls, floors, fireplaces and ceilings.

Within the occupational area is a constant demand and future of both companies and individuals for the work of the builders, which in most cases kept 8-11 working hours a day, with mostly being done by 95% men in the 15-40 age being older and experience the “master builders” and those in charge of the contract, receipt of payment and allocation of tasks, which generally encourage their family and children to make such labor.

There are specialized trades within the construction area: peons, assistants (barges), marreros, scrap, tilers, fierreros, etc. with different incomes. Among the risks as earn a job are too high to be exposed to dangerous heavy materials and elements so that the use of safety equipment such as gloves, boots and goggles is recommended, due to their work in most cases is not fixed and not have a doctor and have no benefits and financial security to any company or government can provide insurance.

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Now we know how much the masons makes clarifying that his salary is not fixed and depends only on the condition they find that are distributed according to each person’s abilities, experience, and work to make this charge; Way down job find helpers generally young chalanes earning about $50 – $ 100 per week, then we find the officers or half spoon in charge of building walls, making levels and form falsework may have a specialty such as tilers, marreros, fierreros, carpenters, get down walls, floor slabs, beams, chains, castles, plumbing, electrician and earn about $ 120 – $ 160 per week

At the next level we find the foreman or site manager with one since oversees, interpret blueprints from architects, and decision making as well as have enough to do any work in construction with this experience have a salary $ 200 – $330 U.S. dollars per week.

Furthermore migration to the United States by masons either labor or contract, is a job performed mostly by speaking of humble origins who seek a better future (as they say), what is gained in the United States average is around $400 – $700 / week covering a schedule of 8 hours per day, this sector is higher than the U.S. average income and are expected to increase 25% by 2020, sounds good but living first world is also expensive.

The different forms of contracting with businesses and individuals are a good way either by negotiating working hours with overtime and layoffs with companies or individuals with piecework allow masons maintain a style worthy and stable life.

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