How Much Does An MEP Make Per Month?

How Much Does An MEP Make Per Month1

A MEP is a politician who is elected every five years by direct vote, each of them represented in the European Parliament to the people of Europe, regardless of nationality, despite having a system of electoral territories, in total there 751 and seats are elected in proportion to the number of people who have the member countries of the European Union, with Germany the country with more MEPs with a total of 96, with a total of 54 Spain.

Have fairly high wages, so despite the relative lack of power and notoriety of charge, provided there is a great competition and interested in this popular position.

The MEPs charge per month

They are among the highest paid politicians in the world, because no matter their education or occupations are in 2014 $8.020 euros per month (about $ 10,378), compared with the Chairman Spanish (whose salary is 6,515 euros per month) earn about of 23%. By year then only in the form of salaries earn $ 96.240 euros, equivalent to $ 124 $ 541 per year, compared tantamount to winning a deputy in Mexico.
How Much Does An MEP Make Per Month2
However, MEPs receive 304 euros (about $ 400) per day to cover their accommodation and other expenses, plus travel free in first class, or are given 0.50 euro per kilometer traveling by car within the European Union. If traveling outside their home countries, they can receive $ 4.243 euros per year for travel, accommodation, security (in case of Spain’s Civil Guard) and other expenses.

They are also entitled to a pension from 63 years of age, depending on the year that was in office, with four terms (5 years each) could access $ 5.600 euros, which does not take into account the amount that can be received in their country of origin.

Each MEP is entitled to $ 21.209 monthly euros from the European Union to hire advisors and judges for the subject to be and who wants it, taking a limit of 5,000 euros per person hired. Also receive 4,300 euros to cover office expenses, telephone, postal, computers and maintenance thereof.

Due to the high costs involved for the European Union, several Spanish parties have struggled to reduce costs implied by these politicians have often been viewed more as an elite, as a functional body of legislation.

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