How Much Does Messi Make Per Day?

How Much Does Messi Make Per Day

Lionel Messi is a character that really needs no introduction. This player was born in Rosario, Argentina, currently playing as a striker in the team of the First Spanish League with FC Barcelona with Neymar, of which he is a member since 2004 in the professional league.

Despite his controversial Golden Ball in the last edition of the World Cup Brazil 2014, Messi is arguably one of the best soccer players that currently exist, which is why his contract is in the world top of the highest paid in FIFA.

He earned several Guinness Records as the largest amount of official goals in a year, to cite an example, it is certainly a star of the sport in Argentina and in the world.

The Messi wins a year, month, day

The amounts of money that football players are recognized each month are huge, the better player and more popular you are, the equipment will pay for you, however, it is clear that there are several ways in which players can get money a One is to make advertising campaigns where the amounts can range from $ 5,000 to lucrative contracts for both commercial sports brands such as food, including recently promoted tourism in Buenos Aires.

How Much Does Messi Make Per Day2

Similarly after tournaments like the World Cup of Soccer ends are given a sum to be (if any) second, along with this event on his Barcelona contract and increase profits.

She earns $27 million per year with Barcelona team, which placed him as the footballer 2nd highest paid in the world only after C. Ronaldo, plus his new contract expires in five years, 2019 (after the World including Russia). This means that grosses about $2.25 million dollars every month and about $75,000 a day. In terms of advertising, contracts can double profits Messi annually.

A curious fact was in Little League club and budget cuts were about to let it go, however, convinced the technical managers to keep their ranks.

How much money you got Messi? Is estimated to have a fortune of $ 201 million, $ 4 million less than the Portuguese football star Cristiano Ronaldo, however, your salary increase is likely to reach in a short time.

However, these sums are not reversed properly can lead players to an old age with many limitations, since we all know that players have a certain time of action, after which they will cease to play.

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