How Much Does a Military Soldier Make?

how much does a military soldier make1

Mexico has a professional army, responsible for ensuring the stability of the country, whether defending it from external or internal threats, however, is how few people know the real salary of a military now in times where they are constantly seen in the streets and country roads.

In the Mexican Army there are a number of military ranks that will determine the amount of money a person can perceive, to have a greater range as much money as in the case of the chief of staff who is president Enrique Peña; also influence wages the amount of years you have working to the army.

Salary Mexican soldier

We have a common soldier (the lowest level of the military hierarchy) has a basis of $880 dollars / month, further complemented by nearly $70 dollars for pantry and aid salary, however, does not have housing savings . It gives then a total of $810 dollars monthly, and this military rank most soldiers belonging to the Mexican army.

how much does a military soldier make2

The highest salary that someone in the army, the maximum level that the state grants and corresponds to Major General, who receives a salary of $10,000 monthly basis being lower positions such equivalent to what Senator earns, ie without taking into account seniority and some benefits provided by the state.

The first sergeants receive about $1,100 dollars a month, plus benefits, or captains ever receive $2,700 dollars a month. Also in the army paid for about a month (which can be extended due to injuries for example) each year, especially in cases where the military base where he works are away from home vacation is given.

As for the service time proportional to the years rendered percentage increases, eg 10 years, the salary is increased by 10%, at 20 years 20%, with a maximum cap of 50% increase wage.

However, once inside the army, unless you happen some extraordinary situation, you can level up and have a steady job for years, both in peacetime and in war, always with the ability to rank up on merit.

Similarly those who study within the army, leaving with the rank of lieutenant, which gives them a salary of $1,200 pesos, plus if you have a specific career in the army, the wage tends to increase depending on the profession chosen as physician may be military, military nurse, military airplane pilot, military engineer, among other specialized careers and dedicated to the service of the State.

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