How Much Money does an Accountant make?

How Much Money does an Accountant make

A degree in Accounting is one manager in managing , implementing and interpreting accounting of an organization or person , this refers to produce reports useful for decision making in the financial aspect , is responsible for continuously carry data revenue and expenditure and prevent public or private finance.

Accounting today is a profession too demanded by companies and in this way the costs are optimized and earnings statistics and other resources are verified , also public accountants have meaning and are an important area for the decision public expenditure.

The counters can play in different areas required in companies such as:

Financial Position: The counter is responsible for deciding on the basis of statistics possible forms of investment or profitable projects.

Accounting Area: This area is responsible for monitoring and maintaining accounts by the company providing data books on time.

Audit Area: In this area the counter investigates the use of technologies, tools and skills current tax rules to issue opinions and recommendations of finance.

Fiscal Area: In this area the counter gets to domestic and international tax rules and stay current .

Cost Area: The area where cost is kept up to date on production costs and inventory costs entr other factors that must be analyzed by the accountant in charge .

How Much Money does an Accountant make2

The salary for accountants is variable depending on where you labore and area under which this charge, being a recent graduate accountant receives a salary of $ 6000 – $ 8000 monthly mxn in Mexico ($ 600 usd – $ 800 usd ) so it this grows by experience and time counter eventually winning $ 20,000 or more monthly pesos ( $ 2,000 usd) this figure been taken an official poll workers where on average accountants earn about $ 15,000 mxn pesos per month ( $ 1,500 usd) being the race with 58 % men and 42 % women aged mostly 25 to 35 years.

It should be remembered that these figures tend to vary depending on the city where labore and the company for which they work and have different specialties in finance, prosecution , masters, and if you master more than one language . Definitely a work full of activities that will give you a good income but just as applicant

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