How Much Money Does An Actor Make Per Month?

how much money does an actor make per month1

Be worldwide television actor, theater, film dubbing or means, at least in economic terms, a pattern of ups and downs that can leave us at any time with no money and no job. Despite the image of happy and we can see famous actors in Hollywood, the sad reality is that most Hispanic actors have million dollar budgets or salaries that allow them to travel the world.

Much does an actor in Television, Theater and Film

Knowing how much you earn an actress is difficult, since there is no standard that allows us to say an average wage among which you can find most of the actors. In Mexico we can say that the actors have a number of alternatives that will influence their wages: working in television with Televisa and TV Azteca, the first being the best paying, which is not easy to work in theater and harder work in film (at least in Mexico).

Then we can divide the players into two groups: stellar and secondary, the former are the majority of the budget for lead actresses. The lead characters of the novels for example, can come to receive from $11,500 to $ 60,000, such as cars, cell phones, among others as Sofia Vergara who was paid $ 100,000 for fire blood for a short engagement. For Telemundo telenovelas is the channel that pays actors being Spanish speakers who come to receive up to $ 50,000 per month for the duration of the recordings, usually one year.

how much money does an actor make per month2

In the theater world, it may be paid in two ways: by action, ie, every time you go on stage or with a fixed monthly salary, where the amount of work to be performed per month in the contract is established gaining popularity for acting according to the same paper and averaged $400 per function speaking of professional actors.

While at the movies, at least in Mexico there are few actors who throw themselves into this segment and their salaries vary depending on the budget of the film, however, in some cases may offer a certain percentage of the profits of the film of course if available.

In the case of television some of the actors are exclusive and reportedly a month come to earn up to $ 45,000 even without working, however the supporting cast of novels receive their income by chapter or scene, that for a character of this type ranges between $ 170 to $420 approximately, the salary varies depending on the age of the worker in the company.

For the global, commercial and Hollywood cinema earnings of actors and actresses for film are stratospheric more if come from the USA earning from $ 80,000 to $ 75 million the highest paid as Robert Downey Jr., Natalie Portman and Tom Cruise among other.

Elsewhere on the voice actors there is a big difference in what they earn, but talent is needed to recreate the voice of a character, is not always a good deal being that benders voice of a cartoon like the Simpsons in Spanish earning $ 1000 per episode dubbed in English while earning $ 350,000 per episode. Theater animated film is different because a voice actor can earn $5000 – $ 20.000 per movie.

In addition to the most famous actors, is the possibility of signing contracts with companies from various sectors to enable them to become the advertising face of the company, the more famous you are and the more impact you have on people, then get more money? Such contracts are usually millionaires and include a specific amount of ads, or the duration of the campaign.

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