How Much Money Does Carlos Vela Makes?

How Much Money Does Carlos Vela Makes

Carlos Alberto Vela Garrido is a Mexican footballer born on March 1st, 1989 in Cancun Quintana Roo Mexico. Vela started from very small to play football and it was not until World Sub-17 2005 Mexico National Team when he was given the opportunity to start a football career then getting the championship for his country with the lowest selection and triumphing in Europe and how much money  earn chicharito Hernandez. He is currently a player of Real Sociedad San Sebastian the Spanish league where he is a real idol.

Carlos Vela began his major league career by signing a contract with Arsenal in 2005 just after winning the World Cup U-17 signed a contract for 4 million Euros for 5 seasons, but for reasons of age could not debut in England and he was loaned to Celta Vigo team. In 2006 his then team could not keep the template and sailing without his debut he was loaned to second division Salamanca marking a major axis of attack that team scoring 8 goals in 31 matches. It was not until July 2012 when he was traded to his current team Real Sociedad carrying the dorsal number 11 team who scores the best part of his career in July 2013 making the historic qualification to the UEFA Champions League.

How Much Money Does Carlos Vela Makes2

The controversy has been the talk with the National Team of Mexico who has requested and called FIFA has refused to attend and be part of the national team on 5 occasions clarifying personal issues and managers have marked for future meetings national front which has not been shown to support your choice including their participation in the World Cup Brazil 2014. Currently Carlos Vela shines brighter doubling its value after giving good performances, but in August 2012 was worth $ 10 million, now is valued at $ 21 billion according Transfermakt.


To find out how much money earn the footballers, the Spanish team Real Sociedad their best player holds the field to be the primary player in the squad who in 2012 had to pay 4 million euros to Arsenal by the player, Vela currently earns $ 2.6 million pounds something like $ 4.3 million a year being the highest paid player of the Spanish team ensuring three seasons.

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