How Much Money does Chicharito Hernandez Make?

How Much Money does Chicharito Hernandez Make

The Mexican player Javier “El Chicharito” Hernandez is today one of Mexico’s most winning athletes according to Forbes magazine placed him in the 9th position. Born in Guadalajara Mexico when he was barely nine years and was part of a youth team by highlighting your skills and after making his debut with Chivas in 2009 was when excelled as a forward positioning itself as the 3rd top scorer of the season and winning the team title .

The players earn much as we have seen in terms leonel Messi wins a year. By 2010, the Chicharo began a run of 2 goals per game revealing his great form of play with his current team chivas and that was when the Manchester United player to see the Volt after great performances with the Mexican national soccer team and in July 2010 to his first team debut .

How Much Money does Chicharito Hernandez Make a year

Hiring for a short trial period of the player by the considered best team in the world at the time after winning the UEFA Champions League meant a big step for the player and for his hobby, as starting salary I sign a contract for 3 million pounds per annum something like $ 4,600,000.00  our $ 60,000,000.00 pesos MXN or AUD but after this rose .

From the great opportunity Chicharito has excelled in Europe and highlighting every opportunity was granted scoring game after game with the best players in the world was when he took a great value for Manchester United where he plays today signing a contract again for three years now $ 4 million pounds – $ 6.1 million USD or $ MXN pesos 79 million placing it as one of the most valuable players on the team and better paid position 8 of the fichados just below Ryan Giggs at 7 , Wayne Rooney and Robin Van Persie in the 1st and 2nd position respectively ( see image below) , but do not forget the advertising contracts mean the great players that almost 50 % of their total earnings by the chicharito holds contracts with Mexican companies as telephones, food , drinks , sporting goods, advertising images in video games and prints including mean about $ 20 million of its annual heritage giving an amount of $ 99,000,000.00 million pesos per year or what is the same $ 7.6 million Dollars a year without doubt the best players in Mexico today.

The super sustitute – Chicharito

salary of the players of Manchester United

salary of the players of Manchester United

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