How Much Money a Doctor And a Nurse Make a Year In The US?

how much money a doctor and a nurse make a year in the US1

Compared to their counterparts in other Latin American doctors and nurses in the United States receive much higher wages because of the lifestyle of that country and the many resources that comprise the American union, allow the population have greater health spending

Salary of a doctor and nurse in the United States

We have already specified how much they earn as doctors and nurses earn in Mexico and Latin America. Salaries in United States, are generally higher due to the cost of living in this country. Besides medicine in the USA, it’s only private, triggering the costs of consultations, medications and treatment of general health, with much higher employee wages and health institutions are private and provide jobs directly salary of workers to maintain a safe.

In the United States a specialty is required necessarily to practice medicine, so salaries vary depending on the chosen area, however, we can say that the average salary of a doctor is $ 300,000 per year, so a month dispondrían $ 25,000 dollars, which is something like $ 300,000 Mexican pesos, amount of money that some people in our country take a year to win.

As in Mexico, how much you earn a doctor is subjective, as surgeons, to cite one example sometimes have double the salary that an internist or family physician, plus if you acquire a specialty your income will also be higher. Just an American website posted a list of the best and worst paid medical specialties in the United States.

Best Medical payments:

     •Radiologists: U $ S315.000 year

     •Orthopaedic surgeons: U $ S315.000 year

     •Cardiologists: U $ S314.000 year

     •Anesthesiologists: U $ S309.000 year

     •Gastroenterologists: U $ S303.000 year

     •Oncologists: U $ S295.000 year

     •Dermatologists: U $ S283.000 year

     •Plastic surgeons: U $ S270.000 year

     •Ophthalmologists: U $ S270.000 year

Medical payments worst:

     •Pediatricians: U $ S156.000 year

     •Psychiatrists: U $ S170.000 year

     •Rheumatologists: U $ S180.000 year

     •Neurologists: U $ S184.000 year

     •Gynecologists / Obstetricians: U $ S220.000 year

how much money a doctor and a nurse make a year in the US2

While nurses in this country have a base salary of about $ 50,000 per year, equivalent to about $ 4.200 U.S. dollars per month, equivalent to about 50,000 Mexican pesos, a large amount of money for a Spanish-speaking country. Likewise, there are nurses who can earn more money to cover multiple shifts or acquiring some kind of specialization in some area of ​​nursing, which can increase your salary to $ 100,000 annually.

Both health professionals have the opportunity to practice as teachers in their areas of expertise at various universities throughout the country, with very interesting salaries can reach $ 200 per class, depending of course of the specialty and area being trying to impart.

In addition to physicians the option of going to work for an insurance company, which allows a constant flow of patients to the doctor, with a guaranteed monthly amount of money as well as a certain number of patients each month will be referred to the doctor and whose fees will be covered by the company.

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