How much money earn an Airplane Pilot?

How much money earn an Airplane Pilot

The airplane pilot is responsible to manage or rather fly any aircraft that is in the sky, the pilots are classified according to their abilities , and several ships that operate in commercial, private and military pilot and even assistant or auxiliary .

If ever a kid when you saw these heroes from heaven said I want to be like when he grows up because you know how much you earn an aviator pilot, but you just say it is the best paid professions according to the statistics.

Among the amenities that has to be a pilot is definitely having a unique view of the sky , mountains, forests , seas, cities and many beautiful views over all the places where they travel , also have discount tickets and hotels , not to mention be admired by young and old. But exactly this work is to complete certain hours ( flight ) ie two full weeks if your flight hours for the remainder of the month the days are all yours .

How much money earn an Airplane Pilot

Today the industry is going Airlines growing and with it the demand for new pilots trained , better wages and better aircraft with new technology. The profession of Naval Aviation Pilot and is the highest paid followed by his collaborator Aeronautical Engineering who are responsible for designing, maintaining and everything related to aircrafts.

Driving is mostly predominant aircraft for males besides the few schools to train pilots must be approved by the Bar Pilots but women every day reach a better place in the area being from private pilots to military aviators .

Being career highest paid earns $ 21,000 – $ 23,000 monthly mxn average ( $ 2000 to $ 2500 usd) being the most experienced pilots without losing their skills the best quote for private flights of about $ 28,000 pesos a month or military pilots about $ 30,000 monthly pesos ( $ 3,000 usd) but really the salary varies depending on the occupation of the pilot.

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