How Much Money does earn Cristiano Ronaldo?

How Much Money does earn Cristiano Ronaldo2

CR7 Cristiano Ronaldo and the Portuguese national football player who currently plays for Real Madrid which has achieved great success and goals that have been nominated for the Golden Ball but has been overshadowed by the current best player in the world as we saw in The How money Make Messi.

Officially the tenth highest paid player in the world Cristiano Ronaldo has been marked by big plays and talent for the ball going through major soccer teams like Sporting C. Portugal , Manchester United F. C. and since 2009 in the Real Madrid and delighting fans of La Liga.

Among the achievements of the player are several records such as Real Madrid needed fewer games to reach 100 goals (92 ) or be the player who shot under all teams in a season and be the player who scored in six consecutive games from classic against Barcelona at the Camp Nou , but between her big win awards is golden Ball as the best player and the golden Boot in 2008.

How Much Money does earn Cristiano Ronaldo

The importance of the player on his current team has been very good already renewed for six years 17 million euros a year is prepared ( renewed 2018 ) with a salary of $ unlike what he earned was $ 12 million euros but this is not all as it is known of the great partnerships that provide more than 50 % of the total earnings of the player, with this what Christian earns a total of $ 35 million per year and maintaining its third position as the player who win the World. As data representative has some clauses Real whereby the value of the image by Cristiano sponsorship will be shared 75 % to 25 % the player and for the team unlike as is currently 50/50 but still to be seen as all the players on the roster spread over 50% of your image to the computer.

As we saw in the article The Win Messi the current player ‘s airplane is bagged is David Beckham with their big advertising contracts with $ 36 million and second place this messi the current best player in the world with $ 35 million and in third CR7 position . Although David is now officially retired from the game is lost almost $ 1.7 million to play and thus also relieving sponsors a percentage of your first post to Messi.

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