How much money does earn The Pope?

How much money does earn The Pope

The new Pope Jorge Bergoglio scores oldest story in the continent being the first Latin American pope Argentino more precisely . Definitely be potato is one of the most amazing experiences and a short position with responsibility and authority to know the right path to guide mankind and especially the Catholic community that follows his noble steps.

The current Pope is just one , although it sounds obvious only exists in the world a fee or what is the same since there is no equal , this means the great salary and wealth it possesses . Francisco I chose this name because of being Latin American making mention of San Francisco de Asis a noble Franciscan saint delivery to the poor and extreme humility that says the pope himself represent the renewal of religion.

How much money does earn The Pope francisco

After the papacy of Benedict XVI on March 13, 2013 I was elected a bishop Francisco Jesuit cardinal scores but the story is what really wins the Pope? The first is that the potatoes do not have salary since it is an honorable position for them in addition to the vow of poverty they do to get elected , that simple popes do not enjoy the satisfaction of having money or gold in their hands (well gold if since all their ornaments and jewelry are of that material ) but otherwise their needs are covered by the government of the Vatican , which means they buy the home you want , you buy an iPod to Tweet and we buy almost everything .

Although it is said that the pope does not win anything, the reality is that being the supreme authority of the Vatican City is in charge of controlling or at least designate personnel responsible for the finances of the powerful government that only an estimated has earnings of $ 40 billion annually from the ecclesiastical revenues worldwide .

Clearly, the Vatican City is very powerful but is more powerful influence on the religious community of principles and values ​​to ensure a cleaner and noble humanity that is handled as a communion of progress and honesty and this simply priceless .

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