How Much Money earn The president of México Enrique Peña?

How Much Money earn The president of México

The current President of Mexico Enrique Peña Nieto has started since 2012 based on political transparency government that this is clearly disclose its economic assets including his monthly salary , their properties and setting an example and for the rest of politicians encouraged to be transparent to the people.

Enrique Peña President of Mexico (2012 – 2018) finally revealed the salary that it has been winning monthly to serve the nation. While former President Felipe Calderón Hinojosa (2006 – 2012) mentioned perceive the amount of $ 14683.00 usd per month that is supposed to this is added the government benefits and evil counted per diem is calculated winning the amount of $ 30000.00 monthly usd to fit best accounts we must add the properties that had and those that govern owner did after Mexico.

Moreover, the current president as the beginning of his government presented its financial statement which declared a salary of $ 19347.00 net monthly usd addition to ruling that has 4 houses , apartment, four wickets , artwork , jewelry and bank accounts. However with the amount of the annual premium currently earns $ 20857 usd per month plus a bonus of $ 7684 usd and year-end bonus of $ 31,962 usd.

How Much Money earn The president of México enrique peña

Instead the statement by members of his cabinet who stand to gain more than the president himself such Enrique Martínez y Martínez Secretary Sagarpa earning over $ 27000.00 usd per month or General Area Cienfuegos Zepeda Secretary of Defense presented a $ 20000 usd to inico its governed , but even at this Jesús Murillo Karam secretary PGR decided not file because they cause a big jump since 1989 as a politician .

But now the question is Jesús Murillo Karam The Win ?
Well as I had seen the salaries of the Federal Police … can be estimated revenues Chief Wholesale Attorney General’s Office of the Republic although the Commissioner General earns about $ 26300 usd per month and with salary bonuses and belongs to the old government of Felipe when Calderon began his alleged drop in revenue , an estimated Jesús Murillo Karam wins the amount of $ 35000 usd a month at least without fear.

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