How much money earn a programmer?

How much money earn a programmer2

Before you know The win we have to know a programmer makes a programmer. The programmer is that specialist management software enables different functions from the instructions for a robot, a simple algorithm for computer that allows doing math simpler way to program networks on the internet in different programming languages ​​that handles like C + + , HTML , Joomla , Javascript , PHP among hundreds of useful languages.

In general there are two forms of work by a developer which are ground into a business that requires their constant services to freelancers who create small jobs for those who need further development and allows for the programmer to adapt to work small you remunerated for the work .

Currently developers are as indispensable in industries to operate machines and networks to develop on the web through social impact , it is very true that the developer today is more acclaimed for jobs on the internet that work outside it. Take examples of work of a programmer outside the network , these functions are programmed from a robot , machines and the development or updating of installable software packages to computers using programming languages ​​to perform basic business functions as mathematical operations , cash money records , among others.

How much money earn a programmer

The network medium is perhaps the perfect place where the programmer working for a company or as a freelancer for small projects is developed as they are responsible for developing and configuring web design , functions and scripts websites and special today for phones and their applications. Due to the high demand for various projects programmers tend to specialize in two or three programming languages.

Due to the high demand for programmers by large companies in the internet like Google , Facebook, Yahoo and Microsoft is that programmers are as indispensable but really as a programmer gains of this type . In the U.S. the average salary for a programmer is $ 5000 – $ 9000 usd per month this varies from place to develop as well as the sector and company they work .

Furthermore programmers in Latin America receive the average amount of $ 600 – $ 1500 usd a month is a reality the wage gap between the United States and Latin America. Moreover, the Freelancer usually have a salary depending on the amount of work done per month and the complexity of the same overall a freelancer programmer charged $ 100 – $ 3000 usd for a programming job that can take from one day to two week or the whole month where required design , programming scrpts in webs among others.

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