How Much Money is Earned in Cinepolis?

how much money is earned in cinepolis

Cinepolis is a business complex of cinemas founded by Enrique Ramírez Miguel in Morelia Michoacan Mexico in 1947. Named one of the top 10 brands in Mexico and the largest film company in Latin America with cinema complexes also countries like Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Colombia, Panama, Brazil, Peru, India, Honduras and the United States currently has 3,000 cinemas in different IMAX formats MACRO XE 3D 4DX placing it as the 4th largest film company worldwide.

The large company has more than 12,000 employees and its future now looks hopeful in the film industry, despite high competition. Thus, in the company they work with thousands of people to serve different functions among which dulceria sale, cleaning, box office, projector, manager and others.

The high demand given by the company has been and still is mostly performed by youth aged 15 to 30 who have availability to service but the question is at Cinepolis The Pain? although the time at $ 1.5 USD being 8 working hours per day average; what is gained various functions you perform and time you have laboring and the cinema complex area.

how much money is earned in cinepolis2

Antique workers usually nests and placed in different functions either through dulceria box office to become supervisor or manager. Also the location where work is chosen, initially working in a less visited resort but with time passing the most popular resort town. According to the variations just discussed is that you earn $ 160 – $ 200 dollars fortnightly driving the projector approximately $ 240 usd fortnightly and manager or supervisor about $ 400 dollars biweekly. The normal time of 8 hours overtime without fixed schedules.

If you are interested in joining Cinepolis cinepolis talent here for more information on the company and that you enjoy the benefits of best movies before anyone else.

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