How Much Money Fernando Alonso Makes?

How Much Money Fernando Alonso Makes

Fernando Alonso Diaz is a renowned pilot of Formula 1 racing of the hand of the legendary Ferrari. The Spanish has won many trophies and championships along career started in 2001. At 32, he is the current Formula One driver highest paid in the world and also one of the best in the great circuit.

Among its achievements are 32 great prizes to his credit, besides having 94 podiums in his career. In 2012 and 2013 this pilot was the highest paid Formula One with a salary counted in millions of euros, currently to be exact 24.2 million euros already included prize money (33.16 million dollars), which confers him the first position within the list of the sport also know that in 5 years contract raised $ 160.2 billion.

How do you calculate your salary by season, Advertise with Ferrari?

How Much Money Fernando Alonso Makes2

First we must say that these are estimates as in how much earn Lionel Messi, since not know for sure the actual amounts of money that can earn the pilots, however based on research of some journalists can obtain the approximate .

It is estimated that his salary is about 26.4 million dollars according to Forbes, as compared to the salary of Michael Schumacher of Mercedes Benz the team that earns income by about 8 million, we are talking about a difference of 22 million euros.

On the other hand the difference with other known riders like Di Resta is abysmal, as this pilot is the second worst paid in Formula 1, just 200,000 euros per year, a very small amount when you consider the above figures.

These revenues are set among runners and teams and often have to do with the level of performance of the pilot, although sometimes wage differentials allow you to see that there are other factors to consider this rate of revenue.

We must also take into account that each championship won awards or grants an extra amount of money to each of the drivers of this type of racing, so it’s important to know that these are in addition to his salary as it though we can consider them rather as extra bonuses.

Another point is the advertising campaigns that can reach star which are also extra revenue meaning around EUR 1.44 million for each of the competitors and not part of their regular salary, think they are also athletes and as earning athletes and as such are widely sought to sponsor products and services. That was the list according to Forbes.

The 10 highest paid pilots in the world

  1. Fernando Alonso (F1) 22.76 million euros
  2. Lewis Hamilton (F1) 20.87 million euros
  3. Dale Earnhardt Jr. (NASCAR) 19.74 million euros
  4. Jimmie Johnson (NASCAR) 18.22 million euros
  5. Valentino Rossi (Moto GP) 16.7 million euros
  6. Tony Stewart (NASCAR) 14.04 million euros
  7. Sebastian Vettel (F1) 13.66 million euros
  8. Jeff Gordon (NASCAR) 13.66 million euros
  9. Danica Patrick (NASCAR) 11.38 million euros
  10. Jenson Button (F1) 10.62 million euros

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