How Much Money gain in YouTube?

How Much Money gain in YouTube2

How much money do Youtubers make? The famous YouTube video channel is the most important website in the world where you can see all kinds of videos and jokes , entertainment, movie trailers , music videos , news, and a myriad of topics that fall into channels videos.

Since 2006, YouTube was bought by Google for 1.6 billion dollars and from that moment it became a source of business and advertising very important to google where it has sought ways to impact mostly advertising and monetize the channel integrating other services as is Google Adsense.

Thus now you can earn extra money with a video on YouTube because the way it works is that every click that is made in any advertiser’s ad the pay for as well as a few others pay for simple visits and visualizations thereof. Then give us great formula business is the more views your video has more desire but that the video should be very popular in the channel.

How Much Money gain in YouTube

When it comes this new form of entertainment video and advertising is how many “The Win a Youtuber “ you sure you know live it to upload videos and earn only advertising as the most famous Willyrex , caelike , yuya , elrubius , PewDiePie , werevertumorro , dross , Hello I’m german , among others.

The question is The gain in YouTube? The only answer is that it depends on how many visits have since from 5000 daily visits YouTube makes you Partner that is just a fee usually $ 2 usd per thousand visits to the videos , that to encourage creators to upload more videos continuously and maintain the audience , so as we saw in terms of wins werevertumorro and as wins german things to win at Youtube varies according to visitors, taking an average of $ 1 usd per thousand views or views that refers to a estimate of clicks and cost per click ads , with this you can earn anywhere from a few cents $ 2 usd per month until you’re a bit more popular around $ 600 usd per month and even more as Germán is the Youtuber Hispanic most wins in this channel.

Finally if you have not left you completely clear the possibilities that YouTube offers ‘ve embedded the video below so that everything is well explained and if you are interested in making money with Youtube learn a bit more how to do it , I hope you find it very helpful to see the 10 most successful Latino partners.

The 10 Latino Partners earn more money with Youtube 2013

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