How Much Money does a Graphic Designer make?

How Much Money does a Graphic Designer make

The graphic designer is responsible for the professional imagine , plan , plan and carry through visual communication ideas industrial environment with the purpose of conveying a message to viewers with a clear purpose.

It is the activity that is responsible for creating an appropriate message and take it to the potential customer through visual communication (graphically ). The importance of this career is in the interest of providing a logical way based on previous studies of visual impact and proven techniques that guarantee an ideal position to reach to receive the message properly , involuntary means . The demand for these professionals is to create a greater good campaign for industries and companies that are interested in reaching customers with an appropriate visual medium.

Graphic design is subdivided into various specialties are: advertising graphic design, editorial design, corporate identity design , website design, packaging design , typographic design, the signage , the signage and multimedia design called .

Well now we ‘re a graphic designer is a person capable of translating ideas into various media, many different means and ends as there are job opportunities and thus the salary that can be earned. Actually the salary of a graphic designer varies greatly depending on the area where you work and devote as they work in an industry is how best can win, here the list of career options that have as their specialty :

Industrial Designer
web Designer
Graphic Designer for a company
Everything I make

Well you have the opportunity to specialize in the above categories or in all to expand your work area, but within are found all three major categories interested in the services of a graphic designer that can work for you are:


How Much Money does a Graphic Designer make2

The average salary of a Designer is $ 600 usd $ 800 monthly but as already mentioned this varies and depends on your specialty and for whom you work, if you work for a company win on average $ 900 to $ 1000 usd per month depending on the position and function from the following , comprising:


Being the packaging which is better paid and Digital lower paid, this is followed by work on the Government to either win $ 800 to $ 1000 usd per month and finally be a Freelance ( work on your own with temporary projects ) with which you can earn less than $ 800 usd per month or expect to earn more than $ 2000 usd a month this as your work, responsibility, career , prospects and the size of your business .

The Design Industry is one of the races showing a robust growth in demand by the companies seeking better professional , is a young career that allows recent graduates fulfill their creative potential in the industry being the ideal age from 20 to 30 years also give you the ability to create your own business and working for yourself .

While it is said that the race is difficult, the truth is that there is great competition now that a lot of graduates have no possibility desempañarse , this contradicts the claim that I comment but unlike 5 years ago this race has taken more force Industry and marketing.

The designer is the one who is passionate about graphic design it is possible to capture in a single sheet of paper, imagine and project ideas in different materials , likes to keep to the printed art , colors , digital animation , visual aesthetics, is very dedicated and responsible but mostly it is he who loves his profession.

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