How Much Money Does Guillermo Ochoa Makes Per Month?

How Much Money Does Guillermo Ochoa Makes Per Month1

Guillermo OchoaMemo Ochoa” is a Mexican footballer of 29 years old. His position is goalkeeper and is currently signed to the team of First Division Spain Málaga CF.

He started his career at Club America in 2003 where he currently plays Oribe Peralta, after which he entered the French team AC Ajaccio, the first and only Mexican goalkeeper in history in which it is signed by a European team. It was part of the Mexican National Soccer Team in three World, however, until 2014 was a starter, being coach Miguel Herrera.

Undoubtedly, after his strong performance at the last World Cup, increased its popularity both in Mexico and in the world, why it is believed was signed recently in Malaga, where ownership is disputed.

Salary Memo Ochoa

Currently his contract stipulates a salary of $ 1.3 million per year or about $108.000 monthly although Malaga is not a team a big budget.
How Much Money Does Guillermo Ochoa Makes Per Month2
Its value in the transfer market totaled $ 7.4 million dollars, although you could probably make more money in national or other countries equipment on many occasions has said it prefers its development in the sport astronomical figures money.

Furthermore, as all athletes must consider the revenue to be gained by advertising concept in the last World Cup in Brazil participated in several commercial campaigns in Mexico, who reported he estimated about $ 50,000, similar to what wins Chicharito, Andrés Gurdado, Giovani dos Santos or Messi year.

He previously worked in Ajaccio where his signing was at about 10 million, however, the lower the unit and despite his performance in the world price fell to the price above. His salary in 2011 was only 384,000 euros.

Also do not forget that after a certain age athletes can no longer generate such large amounts of money, either because they are no longer eligible to play as well as before, or because their popularity falls among younger, so good part of the money they earn must take care to live on during retirement like Rafa Marquez.

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