How Much Money Does An Industrial Designer Make A Month

how much money does an industrial designer make a month1

An industrial designer is a person who studies in order to begin the creative process that requires above all the mass production of a new product, so design not only the product but the way in which it will occur en masse.

There are many private universities especially imparting this race, some widely recognized for being the best in the area together with pharmaceutical chemicals. Because of the complexity of the area receive classes that are related to other engineering, and develop the creative process that characterizes graphic designers for example, being a multifaceted career.

This profession is in the ranking of the 10 best paid in Mexico according to the Labour Observatory Secretary of Labor in Mexico, located in the 9th place behind Political Science and ahead of Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering.

The average income in the area is $1.030 US dollars per month, in an industry that employs more than 14,000 Mexican workers in companies products.

how much money does an industrial designer make a month2

However, even though that’s the average, once graduated from the career average is about $ 6,000 Mexican pesos per month (about $ 460 US dollars), however, when you have some experience over the years you can scale within the company and have average salaries of up to $3.850 US dollars, this wage is obtained especially when the project manager.

Within the company may have different positions ranging from creative or placed in the administrative area where they can get the first wages. Almost all companies that process physical products reaching the customer require the presence of industrial designers to efficiently perform their production processes.

There is also the option of being a university professor with a salary of approximately $ 350 pesos time when, if you have 20 hours per week a salary of $2150 US dollars will be taken.

Language proficiency is vital in large companies, because sometimes the products reach the public not only the country but to other international markets. Similarly some knowledge of some computer software is required. You can combine some jobs and therefore the income received in the month will be much greater.

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