How Much Money Does James Rodríguez Makes Per Month?

How Much Money Does James Rodríguez Makes Per Month1

James Rodriguez is a famous footballer who acquired greater importance after the World Cup Brazil 2014, thanks to its excellent performance with the team of his native country: Colombia, which became a surprise for a lot in that time.

It has gone through several computers to their only 23 years old, between those Banfield, FC Porto and Monaco FC. He is currently playing in the team of Real Madrid in Spain, since mid-2014, the third Colombian who gets to play on this team, considered one of the best in the country along with Radamel Falcao.

The James Rodriguez earns per month

Your Current team Real Madrid where he plays with Cristiano Ronaldo, signed him just this 2014 from the team at Monaco for the figure of 80 million euros (202 billion Colombian pesos) is contracted for six seasons, also each of these seasons earn $ 9.4 million each, which means that at the end of his contract will be won only by this means 56.4 million dollars. This amounts to $1.474 billion Colombian pesos per month ($ 783.300 US dollars per month).

There are other means by which they can get to earn income, among the most popular and recognized advertising campaigns in which depending on the product advertised and impact can charge from $ 500,000 dollars to several million to provide are your face on the announcement of a new product.
How Much Money Does James Rodríguez Makes Per Month2
Also often come to have gifts and products practically free from companies that use its public image, and using the clock of your brand will be giving a lot of publicity, for a relatively low cost.

It should be noted that this type of profession footballer, requires a high degree of concentration and effort, since a better and more training, may aspire to have better performance that impacts coaches and allow not only remain in of course, only increased his salary in the footsteps of big stars like Messi earns annually.

Also due to its very short work cycle from the beginning require properly manage their finances to avoid once your premature withdrawal occurs, have secured a good amount of money to face life after the third decade of his life.

An alternative is to be removed to become coach of any team, this formula is only used by some athletes, since a large part of them are devoted to their families or their primary lives once reflectors forget about them.

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