How Much Money Makes Rafael Falcao?

How much money makes rafael falcao

Ultimately athletes currently earn quite large sums of money, we often cannot even imagine how big they are, come from diverse media, the game itself as a player, winning tournaments, but more than that of advertising for which you can be hired and be the face for some time of a specific brand.

Radamel Falcao García Zarate is a Colombian footballer who currently plays for AS Monaco team with his 27-year-old has managed to get to play in a European club of good standard, in addition to being selected to play repeatedly with official selection of his native country.

Best paid Colombian

As we have seen in how much money makes Messi, How much money makes Cristiano Ronaldo, Radamel is currently one of the highest paid players in the world and historically is the Colombian soccer player who had the highest salary in the history of the nation. In Monaco earns around 14 million euros a year, equivalent to more than $18 million annually something like $1,500,000 USD / month this salary is even higher than that of Messi playing in the selection of Barcelona.

It is one of the best players traded in the world, although many players exceed their annual earnings mostly with advertising contracts with where Falcao are not exactly the front, even though his career is on the rise from the point of view see to it.

How much money makes rafael falcao2

This amount of money is quite high for most football players even so far fo how much money makes chicharito hernandez, Falcao has not yet reached this point overnight, as their salary has increased progressively until reach a staggering which is currently winning.

For example when they arrive to Europe to Oporto deportive club his salary was fixed at 5 million per year, so since arriving in Europe the amount of money that has managed to increase his salary was nearly three times the original.

Not only has he managed to take advantage of his playing career, but also the clubs that has belonged, since for example Atletico Madrid has sold 60 million euros after it bought some time in near $ 40 million to Porto.

Definitely give this player a lot to talk not only for his plays and field performance, but for its enormous profits and quality of play that offers its followers.

Best Forward  – Radamel Falcao

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