How Much Money Does a Marine Make Per Year?

How Much Money Does a Marine Make Per Month1

In Mexico we can speak of two business fields, the first is to join the Mexican National Marine, which is actually part of the military army, while another option is to be a merchant marine, where the vessel in which you work is part a fleet of commercial cargo. In this case you cannot combine both jobs, since you like you are part of the army under the orders of the Secretary of Defense.

Salary and merchant marine infantry

Let’s start with wages eligible members of the navy, depend heavily on the military rank to which it is within the Marina, so we need the space marine (lowest range) has an annual salary of $ 5320 U.S. dollars per year, while a Navy admiral has a salary $ 25.600 U.S. dollars per year.

As criminologists who work with marine, their wages are not exactly high, however, keep in mind that in some cases are now working on board ships of the Navy for a certain amount of time, so in those months could require not dispose of their wages to be deposited promptly into your bank account Banjercito. This same rule applies to merchant seamen.

How Much Money Does a Marine Make Per Month2

Many people consider work best merchant marine, as salaries may be higher also ultimately not part of the military elements of your home country. Also vary within the range of the ship and the route to be covered (there are routes that pay better than others, for example, is not the same cover the Mexico-China route linking the Red Sea), however, a marine Real world has an average salary of $788 U.S. dollars.

The master has a salary instead average $ 4.430 U.S. dollars although naturally have higher workload and more responsibility on the load and the contents found inside the ship. However, in the merchant marine you have the ability to decide whether or not you want to embark within a route or if you decline in favor of another, something that cannot be done in the army.

Despite being a very old profession, there are some disadvantages, because if you have a family, there are months in which they will not be also be enclosed in a vessel can cause changes in some people, these may develop depression but being a sailor is a pride that few can have as it is representative of a country.

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