How Much Money Does A Marketer Make A Month?

How Much Money Does A Marketer Make A Month1

Marketing graduates are responsible for conducting studies and then apply techniques that allow greater visibility, promotion and product knowledge in order to increase sales in a given product in a specific market.

If successfully placed within a large private company, the ability to scale and have greater success multiplied, however, some experience is required, in addition to being a graduate from a recognized institution in the country and know more than one language always helps.

As chemical engineer, bilingual people are certainly the first to be recruited, in addition to receiving higher pay from the company, thinking thoroughly of course, because usually the highest paid positions correspond to companies multinationals that require workers to master more than one language well.

In these companies the salaries are between $ 770 to $200 dollars a month for each month of work. In some companies in addition to basic salary, there may be a double payment scheme in which each project can make an extra income which is determined by each campaign and project members. This income can be highly variable ranging from $ 160 to about $ 3,000 in some cases this figure may be higher.

How Much Money Does A Marketer Make A Month2
However, despite the growth in the industry in our country is a fact that many people studying this race cannot exercise within your direct area of ​​expertise, so you have to find work in some other places, the main sector education, similar to criminology, there is currently a great deal of marketers as well as schools that offer this career; But demand requires more skilled.

Depending on your training can teach from secondary to BA, with varying salaries depending on the level within which teach classes also vary greatly from one public institution to a private one.

Years ago marketing was the best paying careers in Mexico, but like everything when the shortage is over, down the possibilities and salary in companies. One option is for example in public middle and high schools in the country in average teacher salaries of most materials is between $ 480-to $ 640. A bachelor level classes tend to be paid based on the hour’s students, payment is taught for one hour in the public sector is usually between $10 to $15 bucks, while in a private institution payment could double in the great most occasions.

Usually those who have high positions in companies engaged couple teaching at recognized educational institutions, helping to increase their income considerably. Marketers are characterized by understanding who they sell, stay current on media and where the people are, like the design and management of market to meet people promoting a brand or product of real value as consumers today are more informed, certainly a beautiful race we see its impact every day and we are even operated without realizing it.

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