How Much Money Neymar Makes?

How Much Money Neymar Makes

Neymar Da Silva Santos Junior is currently a striker FC Barcelona Brazilian footballer, born February 5, 1992. Worldwide Sports wages you can get to get if you’re among the best, far exceed expectations most people on the planet. Neymar da Silva is no exception in this regard.

This Brazilian footballer origin has only 21 years of age which has already established itself as one of the biggest in the country and the world. Currently playing in the first division Spanish team Barcelona.

Salary Neymar at Barcelona

His salary in this controversial and has caused unrest among the various players of Barcelona, ​​and currently ranks as the second highest paid, only below Messi, at least at this football club also below Cristiano Ronaldo.

His salary is EUR 7 million ($ 9.7 million dollars), and net of taxes. These are about 9 and a half million dollars annually. Also we should add about 2 million euro in payment for results, this payment has been divided since the sum of 10 million euros to be paid in 5 years, which is among the highest paid players in the market European and global.

How Much Money Neymar Makes2

We note that although the figures of money here placed very high, the players must be aware that his career will not last forever and after 30 years their wages begin to subside everywhere, making them good administration and public relations will be the only way by which they can maintain their lifestyles once removed from football activities.

This salary was not always so because at the time began to gain 10,000 reais a month, starting to climb the ladder of football was the way in which he could get these huge annual income, at least until your ball control capacity allows, as we saw How Much Money Makes Rafael Falcao? Colombian footballer has had to scale their retrofitting up to earn what they earn today.

We may add some advertising campaigns which can summon, but for the moment it seems that there are no offers of this type may be necessary amounts up to $1 million for each commercial made​​, this being one of the most attractive sources of money currently exist for athletes and even more with the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

Barcelona vs Celtic 6-1 – 3 goals Neymar

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