How Much Money Do Nutritionist Make?

How Much Money Do Nutritionist Make

A nutritionist is a specialized doctor is the study of human food seeking the proper functioning of the body to stay healthy and prevent disease using knowledge of weights, measures, medicine, food components and activation exercises. More and more universities in the country that offer race nutrition, this race is a fundamental part of the country’s efforts to combat the obesity epidemic that exists in Mexico and Latin America.

However, the main problem of this profession is that many people consider it as a luxury, coupled with this problem is the large number of graduates of this event year after year coming onto the labor market and find no job opportunities or underpaid.

How Much Money Do Nutritionist Make?

Despite its importance as nursing is listed as one of the ten worst professions paid by companies specialized in recruiting workers. Their salary ranges from $380 to $755 dollars per month.

These professionals have several options to divide labor in public and private, as most of the health-related jobs. In the public sector we find the gains described above on a monthly basis, it should make clear that vacancies in the public sector are still very few in all health institutions like IMSS a DIF or Hospital.

Despite this statistic, there are people coming out of the rule and can earn enough money to the profession in the private sector, which in turn is the largest labor market where you can find work.

How Much Money Do Nutritionist Make2

The highest paid are in private clinics in hospitals and medical centers focused mainly middle-and upper-class, which can pay sums of up to $40 dollars per visit.

If we calculate then a nutritionist serves 3-4 people per day, 5 days a week, and a month would earn $ 2.420 U.S. dollars per month, which is above the average income of the country, and take into account that the query can cost up to $50

On the other hand it is becoming increasingly common in gyms services as part of a comprehensive service requested, these points are not paid per visit, but with a fixed salary, which ranges between $ 7000 to $ 12,000 pesos per month ($ 530 or $ 900 respectively), and depends largely on the size of the business premises, the area of the metropolis and the cost of the membership of the place.

There is also the option of working in different institutions at once, combining public with private, allowing them to increase their income significantly to $ 40,000 pesos at times.

This branch of human medicine that focuses on caring for the human body inside and out is very important as the quality of life of people in addition to preventing deadly diseases that are killing the body, daily exercise and proper nutrition is one of professional tools we can save lives.

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