How Much Money Does One Direction Make Per Year?

how much money does one direction make per year1

The successful pop group One Direction 1D, Niall Horan made ​​up (20 years), Zayn Malik (21 years), Liam Payne (20 years), Harry Styles (19) and Louis Tomlinson (22 years) since 2010 have been a musical revolution among youth, after leaving the reality show the X factor in London; UK and being sponsored by the producer, in 2011 he released his first single “What make you beautifulwhich was ranked as number one in the UK and Ireland and then quickly do the same in the rest of the world.

The young band has achieved such success with their characteristic energy and songs for girls reported feeling Directioners’ who follow them and allowing them to go to all their concerts raise a million dollar figure today giving amass great luxury.

In 2012 the group released their second single “Take me home” which again devastate sales in over 15 countries and its global tour with equally entitled to be submitted in 2012 and 2013 the group was consolidated as the youth group of the time, even over Justin Bieber.

The charges for One Direction concert

With the great success of the band and the large volume of money in profits is complicated handle their own accounts, that is why the group has an advisory agent manages its finances, income, investing in the bag and control your expenses. Because record sales and his famous tour the band won the figure of $ 40 million U.S. dollars in just one year beating Katy Perry and rankeando as the richest boy band in the world and second only after Adele with earnings of 48 million dollars between millionaires British island musicians.

how much money does one direction make per year2

As for his concert tour in 2012 the band sold more than 300,000 tickets to 6 concerts in London and 4 in Dublin in less than 60 minutes but for the concert in Perth Australia took only 6 minutes grossing nearly $ 16.5 billion, with this is estimated to earn more than $ 1,500,000 per concert coming to win more when presented in Latin America gaining almost $ 2,000,000 is the estimated amount that they earn other artists.

Moreover each of the five members has a personal fortune that roughly around $ 30 million dollars each, this success must be added in addition to their concerts and record sales, earnings from his movie “This is Us film of his international tour and his new single” Best song ever “and his tour” Where we are tour “.

The big gains of each of these guys in their twenties move themselves luxuries in everyday life between what we find Harry Styles in his garage has an Audi R8 Coupe (162.840 USD) a Range Rover Sport (98.394 usd) and a classic Porsche (131.238 USD) plus a house 5.52 million. Louis Tomlinson has bought a home in addition to buying chelsea football team where he played before the Three Horse Shoes in Doncaster.” Zayn Malik has also spent in a luxurious house in Hertfordshire besides buying a Bentley Continental GT (55,200 usd). Liam Payne gave his girlfriend a Audi TT (81,970 usd) and he literally has bought time acquiring a Hulblot (21,500 usd) and a Breitling (4,968 usd) luxury watch.

Lastly but not Niall Horan poorest who shall be declared the richest One Direction has since unlike their peers has not spent on the luxury cars and expensive mansions as his partner Harry, because of advice from his father (working in butchery) of Irish origin, a country that has suffered in its economy and has been rescued several times by the European Union, shall be declared 1D Niall richer and conservative of all giving a very important example to their peers. This consolidates the great band that is still growing and filling scenarios where present.

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