How Much Money Does Piojo Herrera Makes?

1How Much Money Does Piojo Herrera Makes1

The current coach of the Mexican national Miguel “El Piojo” Herrera is now the icon of hope for the selection you expect to have a good turnout in the 2014 World Cup in Brazil is difficult to know the amount of money that is currently paid to Louse Herrera controversial since in most cases are not made public wages are given to the coaches of the national football team.

Despite the above, we can see an estimated thanks to the previous work he has done as coach other teams, such as Club America. It is known that his salary was $ 150,000 per year (more seasonal) amounting to about $ 1,900,000 Mexican pesos, being among the highest paid coaches in Mexico.

Salary Miguel “The Louse” Herrera

For a point of comparison, when Mexico faced New Zealand in the deciding to classify the world party, was paid $ 200,000 ($ 2,600,000 pesos) only by the two parties that had door the Mexican national team, and a bonus if Mexico could reach sort, it was a fact and it was possible for almost any technical, the contract at the time stressed that it was not safe to be given the post of technical director in the world.

It is known that he had some problems with the Mexican Football Federation (Femexfut) for his pay, however, apparently the matter was closed. It is estimated that they will pay about $300,000 dollars ($ 3,900,000 pesos) for the first stage of the Mexican team play. Also based on their achievements at the helm could increase his salary quite among best results, the greater the amount of money that will be given to the coach.

How Much Money Does Piojo Herrera Makes2
Given the disclosed salary last team coach José Manuel “El Chepo” de la Torre who earned $2,500,000 dollars a year or is the same $ 2,800,000 Mexican pesos per month earning even more than the president of the republic and between first assistant, second assistant, third assistant, trainer, goalkeeping coach, winning all doctor and physiotherapist over $ 115,000 dollars per month, definitely a splurge if excessive money from the Femexfut. Another fact is that according to Forbes, the louse is the world’s 9th highest-paid coach at a salary of $ 2.7 million per year ($ 35,000,000 pesos).

However, their work is not the only way in which you get money while shopping can be seen in Mexico in which lends its image as coach sponsors to promote products and services along with members of the squadron of the tricolor as Oribe Peralta, Javier Hernandez and Rafa Marquez, these commercials may well give approximately 500 thousand to 3 million pesos (approximately 40,000 to $ 240.000) for his appearance increased its total revenue by participating in the festival world about $ 450,000 or $ 5,850,000 pesos in less than seven months.

This is why it is a time when your income is pretty shoot, the whole country has their hopes dunks to his successes, along with the team in order to advance the struggle for the world cup.

Also last year he was seen strolling the streets of Mexico City in an Audi-R8 2014 car whose value is close to two million pesos, which suggests that their incomes are high so that he may give such of luxury in their daily life.

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