How Much Money Does a Professional Boxer Make?

how much money does a professional boxer make1

In the world of sports and boxing is hard to reach the top to access the millions in profits that can sometimes bring people, however, at lower levels you can get a small amount of earnings, especially in the boxing, where your skills will give you access to money.

Salaries for boxers fight

An amateur boxer in Mexico and Latin America, as a rule does not receive salary and usually do not fight pro fights, takes the sport for fun or with a view to train and become the best.

However it is difficult to estimate how much you earn a professional boxer, as it depends largely on the manager, contracts, fame and be the best. Initially, wages tend to be really low as much as $ 300 per fight, this money is insured sportsman win or lose, what is really interesting is to compete for the bag. If you win there is always an amount of money given to the winner, this can range from $ 200 – $ 770 U.S. dollars if it is a big event. We can say that the minimum that would gain the victory would get $180 dollars.

how much money does a professional boxer make2
Being a professional, begin to earn a fixed salary of $ 2,300 dollars per fight, which increases as the fighter test your skills. At much higher levels, annual salary is considered by some amount of fights, then we base salaries of $ 500,000 dollars for each boxer, who are paid by their sponsors and promotional agencies.

Boxers more money they are not necessarily the most talented, but the most popular, since a portion of the ticket sales in big arenas comes to athletes, so being the crowded place and to raise prices only to see them fight, rather increase the amount of money it takes to fight, regardless of the bag that can be up to one million dollars, plus the pay per View (pay per view) or as broadcast rights in the champions league, being perhaps the most profitable business in the United States and China where great fighters like Floyd Mayweather Jr., Manny Pacquiao, Saul canelo Alvarez, Juan Manuel Marquez, Timothy Bradley, Julio Cesar Chavez Jr., Ruslan Provodnikov, among others with his great fame and good punch have the audience on the edge of the bench and make millions of dollars in this way in every fight.

There are fighters who can earn about 12 million dollars a year for different items as Juanma Marquez and more than 30 million dollars in one fight win or lose as in the case of Floyd Mayweather against Marcos ‘Chinese’ Maidana and won $ 100 million in its fight against ‘El Canelo’, where the popularity is the most important (at least economically). Often the problem is that these athletes come from marginalized social sectors and to have so much money and fame can lose your mind and ruin their careers with fights, drugs, or negative doping scandals affecting its popularity.

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