How Much Money Does Raul De Molina And Lili Estefan Make Per Month?

How Much Money Does Raul De Molina And Lili Estefan Make Per Month1

Raul “El Gordo” De Molina and Lili Estefan “La Flaca” is a famous TV couple drivers that is aimed at Spanish-speaking audiences working for Univision where they have established a great career on the show “El Gordo y La Flaca” 15 years on the air, which primarily address issues of news and gossip entertainment since 1998 with a unique style that has marked them as a reference on the subject with the best exclusive.

His famous program filmed in Miami, Florida and transmitted by different chains associated in Latin America does that have an audience of millions of people in addition to the Latino community living in the United States to whom it is addressed primarily. The impact of this pair of presenters who daily keep us informed of the news of the (famous) stars is so great that Raul de Molina was named among the most influential Hispanics in the United States.

Born in Cuba now have more than 20 year career which has taken space in different scenarios such as Raul was a reporter for ‘First Impact’, ‘It Happened Here’, ‘Hello America’, ‘Club Telemundo who has covered awards’ Latin GRAMMY ‘, etc. Meanwhile Lili Estefan began modeling in the famous “Sabado Gigante” Don Francisco and most recently participated as a judge in the reality show “Mira Quién Baila”.

How Much Money Does Raul De Molina And Lili Estefan Make Per Month2

The immense success of this program has reached any other shows like it has in so many places for so long has given the best exclusive of famous singers and actors speaking who have appeared on the stage with the fat and the lean.

So much has been speculated about how much money these two drivers earn month after month because success comes not only less being of the American nation, plus boast air traveling the world and be captured in scenes that reveal excesses their lives as Lili Estefan who claims to have a huge collection of shoes, huge expenditures for dinner or El Gordo who travels three times a year. It has been difficult but we have found that Lili Estefan and Raul earn $63.000 Monthly and maintaining a multi-year contract with Univision and Televisa as majority shareholder, to prevent his departure from Univision after the changes in the purchase by Televisa has increased to keep your check in primetime this is compounded by events outside the company that hires them as presenters.

Thus we see that squander large amounts of money as they earn a considerable and most other television hosts on the same theme amount even appear in the list of Forbes magazine among driver’s earners on TV, so he being the best in the chain earn above Alejandra Espinoza and Carlos Calderon.

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