How Much Money Does a Stewardess Make?

how much money does a stewardess make1

The experience of traveling on a plane would certainly not be the same without the presence of flight attendants, flight attendants, flight attendants or assistants, a task which in the last century was synonymous with rebellion and glamor, is currently a difficult job given the number of hours they spend away from home with the pilots.

The salary of a flight attendant varies depending on the airline on which you are working is not the same being of American Airlaines that stewardess Viva Aerobus, Aeromexico, etc, generally companies with international flights pay much more than local flights.

How flight attendants salary calculated?

Let’s start with domestic flights, first you have to earn between $ 600 to $ 800 bucks a regular basis, but this must be added per diem, and that having to be in another city far from home money is required to be stay and eat in the city of destination, this generally can increase between 10% and 25% monthly income, so the best salary would be $1,000 dollars a month.

how much money does a stewardess make2

The flight attendants that the more money are those who work on international flights since his basic salary is $1,000 dollars (we must consider that this salary is paid by major airlines) plus travel expenses that can raise up to 50% of the salary of the person, ie would have a monthly salary of about $1,100 dollars a month.

In some airlines, especially low-cost an extra commission for each product sold during flight is given as very cheap or too short domestic trips do not include any food or drink along with the journey, this commission is as much as 30% of the value at which it sells the product to customers.

Consider that wages above correspond to a flight attendant who has just started work at an airline, and that the closer they are to retirement or the more experience and seniority you have within the airline, wages rise more.

In these cases you can get up to $2,000 dollars base salary plus per diem amounts, generally 50% salary increase as more experienced flight attendants have a greater chance of being sent on international flights.

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