How Much Money Does a Teacher Make Per Month?

How Much Money Does a Teacher Make Per Month

The teaching profession is one of the most important activities for society since ancient times to be highly requested in primary schools, secondary schools and degrees which are responsible for preparing their students or students in theoretical knowledge, teachers are prepared in the “teaching or normal schools “where they develop skills and techniques of organizational learning are likewise responsible for special education and adult education.

The concept of teacher or professor is wider to be anyone share some knowledge to someone else where we can mention martial arts teachers, language teachers, teacher workshops and trades such as carpentry, metalwork and masonry among others.

A good teacher is one who influences the lives of students, which has to date knowledge of their subject, who presents interesting, entertaining and fun way issues and who gets along well with children and adolescents. A bad teacher is one that requires some physical punishment is aggressive or rude, does not know his stuff and is boring.

How Much Money Does a Teacher Make Per Month2

According to the OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) Mexico is the 5th place with the highest paid teacher compared to 34 nations and which spends more per pupil baseline and last in education. With nearly 20% of the government budget (1 in 5 pesos tax) for education has the highest expenditure in this sector compared even with highly developed countries, the problem lies in where the money that goes to salaries of teachers capitalists, pensioned teachers, retired teachers and even where his family dead charge them.

In Mexico the economic perception of teachers on average is $2,000 USD per month according to the SEP but varies by state, years of service and teaching career. The great inequality in education in Mexico can be seen in the difference in wages. A recent graduate teacher earns $ 600 to $ 800 dollars per month depending on experience or better a place the salary rises like foam, a teacher with 15 or more years of service earns $ 800 to $ 2,500 dollars per month, a supervisor of elementary and secondary school is acquired by Conversely earns about $1,500 to $3,400 dollars per month.

The purchase and sale of seats is acquiring a position with assigned salary vary much money and hard is to get on the other hand a director and deputy director of elementary and secondary school earning $ 20,000 to $ 56,000 pesos a month this varies according to the teaching career and courses taken. Finally an administrative teacher earns $ 2,000 to $ 8,000 dollars monthly SNTE leader and teacher wins $ 10,000 dollars.

Recently, even new research shows that there are 70 teachers who earn more than the president of Mexico. Among the states with the best gains are Morelos, Sonora, Zacatecas and Nuevo Leon, profit must add two months extra salary for vacation pay and excellent benefits and medical services.

Mexico education invests 6.15% of GDP, having an annual gross of 1,177 trillion domestic product on education allocated about $ 72,385,000,000 dollars, while the United States 7.2% having a GDP of 15.68 trillion, to invest in education, science and technology $ 1,129 billion. For convenience we have added the following comparative chart.

How Much Money Does a Teacher Make Per Month?

In United States teachers or ‘Teachers’ are synonymous with people ready and specialized in their field as well as moral and correct in his being and acting people. The average salary is $5,760 dollars per month and $4,430 month per facility is armed below.

  • Preschool (Kindergarten): $ 27.800 usd / month 2142 usd / month
  • Elementary School (Elementary): $ 55.640 usd / month 4280 usd / month
  • Middle School (Secondary): $ 56.290 usd / month 4330 usd / month
  • High School (High School): $ 57.655 usd / month 4435 usd / month
  • Postsecondary (College): $ 67.210 usd / month 5170 usd / month

The difficulty is to be master in united states is one of the ways to have more capable people and that it supports a good education, university teachers need at least a master’s or doctorate, so that even the current President Barack Obama he taught constitutional law at the University of Chicago from 1992 to 2004. Growth in demand for teachers of 17% is expected in 2020.

The salary of the teacher in metropolitan areas of Mexico is very good compared to the average of careers and professions that is why you need a better quality education to aspire to a better country as a whole and how important basic education as investing over 10 years of your life studying. Among the new proposals of the president of Mexico has been the education reform that promises to improve pit Mexican education techniques implementing global standards such as the educational evaluation, economic incentives for excellence and prohibition of sale of places this in order to get the best teachers for the education of our children and gain respect and credibility lost again.

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