How Much Money Does The United States President Barack Obama Per Month?

how much money does the united states president barack obama per month

What is the salary of Barack Obama the current president of the United States and considered by Forbes magazine as the second most powerful man in the world only after Vladimir Putin who unseated this year. Being president of the most powerful nation in the world should not be so easy getting dozens of calls, invitations and meetings with staff to help you make important decisions in the country.

Barack Obama is president of America’s highest-paid and no wonder if presidential ranks among the best salaries in the world and all that despite dropped a million bucks its previous annual salary because of donations, as it has done. It is also one of the most selfless and charitable people giving an example of the good person is.

We talked about the great responsibility it is to be president, but now among the great benefits we have: expensive parties and meetings by the government are financed, the excellent medical service that counts, live with hundreds of luxury without ever paying anything as Pope to pay all the best education for their children and better to live in the safest area of ​​the world and watched ‘the White House’.

how much money does the united states president barack obama per month2

Being the President of the United States you instantly becomes a powerful person, because you depend the lives of millions of people worldwide, the economies of many countries; is responsible for taking decisions and other initiatives that directly affect other countries.

As we saw in How much money does  The President Enrique Peña Nieto. The salary of Barack Obama is $ 34,000 per month as publicly divulge the government’s tax return, but do not forget that surely winning is much more taking into account medical expenses, life insurance, security, flight and travel expenses among others that are paid by the government. Note that it is the second time that Obama is President of USA after consecutive reelection and remains a national emblem and representative of millions of people in the United States.

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