How Much Money Willyrex Make Per Month?

How Much Money Willyrex Make Per Month

The young 20 year YouTuber Guillermo Diaz better known as “Willyrex” is a Spanish guy who is dedicated to videos Video Games or “Gameplays” and until last year was the vlogger more subscribers in Spain so far is “elrubiusOMG “.

Willyrex is a fun video game analyst fashion and all styles, since 2009 opened its first channel and in 2011 the second has currently been so successful among gamers Hispanic because it has your favorite XBOX 360 and also PS3 plus an advanced computer equipment to make good catches, including games using this Call of Duty who owns a channel and the other focuses on Minecraft and Happy Wheels. Currently on YouTube and Machinima Partner.

As mentioned in other articles as How Much Earn ElrubiusOMG? or How Much Money Does Yuya Make? on YouTube is much being Partner and best with machinima as is the case where a fee of $ 2 USD per thousand views it gets, taking the As with other youtubers on the web social blade can know the number of prints you have any vlogger per day, month or even a year.

How Much Money Willyrex Make Per Month2

As we have seen How Much Money gain in YouTube? by this willyrex visits among Latino partners top earners in network video. With over 5 million subscribers between the two channels and over 850 million views to his videos willyrex has assured a lot of money thanks to their high activity up between 2-3 videos a day in each channel, while having little impact and large number of views, number of videos you have is immense and most exceeds 8 minutes.

I have seen on the net so much talk of what you earn willyrex and the reality is that it has about 200,000 views a day something like 6 million views per month, remember that earns average $ 2 USD per thousand views this to be a partner premium on YouTube this is achieved with many daily views, this gives us winning $750 USD per day or $ 11,000 USD a month but that’s not all remember that it has two channels that maintain the same average … then we conclude that earns $22,000 USD per month.

If you find it amazing the money they earn but you can trust that is just reality and the business of Google behind YouTube but well-earned daily task that no one else matches with your business, here you’ll see a video where explained things about him.

Video + Appreciation – Willyrex

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