How much money wins the champion of the champions league

How much money wins the champion of the champions league1

The Champions League since 1955 has been the most competitive championship football world talking about clubs, which is contested annually by the champions of the leagues in Europe to achieve the trophy UEFA also nicknamed Orejona .

This championship is undoubtedly the most anticipated worldwide since it brings together the best European teams facing them one to one addition to always have the best and most famous players in the world without a doubt as messi and cristiano ronaldo, The championship consists of group stage and then classify round, quarterfinals, semifinals and the final.

The champions have their official anthem is rather an adaptation in the three official languages​​: German, English and French, this hymn has represented the quality of play and tournament history and reminds fair play in the field, you can hear at the end of the article.

How much money wins the champion of the champions league2
The tournament is highly profitable due to the reasons already explained, the money comes directly from product sales, t-shirts, tickets to stadiums, television contracts worldwide and sponsors. This great business is handled by UEFA is responsible for distributing equally amount to classified equipment, an extra amount for each match won in the group stage, another special amount for the knockout round, quarterfinals, semifinals and a total special money for the Champions League champions. These amounts are regulated every year since profitability varies, but in general are increasing.

The way the money is distributed as follows:

• $ 8.6 million for participating in playoffs
$ 1 million euros for group stage win
$ 0.5 million for a draw in the group stage
$ 3.5 million to reach the knockout stages
$ 3.9 million to qualify for quarterfinals
$ 4.9 million to reach semifinals
$ 6.5 million for being runner
$ 10.5 million to be champion

These are the official rates, thus a team to reach a perfect season can expect to earn $ 37.4 million of euros and even a team reaches semifinals win over the runner-up, but that’s not all as there is a market pool consisting of television rights (market share) which are distributed among all teams in the tournament including 18% on UEFA to go to the Europa League as solidarity, every champion of his country does not reach group stage and each team eliminated, and finally excess profits each local TV makes a team win over another.

How much money wins the champion of the champions league3

With this the UEFA Champions League is the competition‘s most profitable football world, even more than The World Cup FIFA, MLB Baseball, NFL Super Bowl and other tournaments. As an example in 2013 Bayern München champion won 35.9 million euros per game over 19.1 million euros for pool market took more than $ 55 million, while Juventus was eliminated in the quarterfinals and won over $ 65 million of which 20.2 per play and 44.8 million euros in respect of pool market, which makes it clear that italy paid more.

How much money wins the champion of the champions league4

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