How Much Money Does Yuya Make?

How Much Money Does Yuya Make

Surely if you are a woman you’ve heard of Yuya, if you are male your sister, friend or girlfriend on more than one occasion will be mentioned in a conversation you have with her, Yuya is a famous Youtuber who is among the 10 Youtubers Latinos more earn with YouTube dedicated to his channel which presents solutions to problems of daily life that commonly relate to the female world: we can find along your videos recipes cooking, beauty tips, makeup, fashion, medicine etc. . You can find his channel as LadyMakeUp16

Your channel has nearly two million subscribers and thousands of daily visitors (more than two hundred thousand a day according to some sources) and growing daily.

How much money makes Yuya whit YouTube?

YouTube policies regarding earnings do not allow the amount of money earned per month to persons outside the company revealed, so the data we have in this article are mere calculations are given based on what known to the program.

Well if it is a YouTube partner (name given to enrollees is known within the advertising program YouTube) have to earn on average $2 per thousand views or views that people do in their videos.

How Much Money Does Yuya Make2

So if we assume that has 250,000 daily visits all videos containing monetized will have a daily income of $ 500 that are something like 6560 pesos. So a month for this service alone would have a month $ 15,000 thousand dollars, which in any Latin-speaking country is more than enough to live.

However we have not considered advertising found within videos and gives us the option to click inside it. Imagine that only 1% of the daily visitors click advertising, would have a total of 2500 clicks per day, which if paid $ 0.05 dollar would have an extra income by $ 125 dollars a day per month that would become $ 3,750 extras.

At the end of the month we can calculate a total of approximately $ 19,000 per month that are just over 250 thousand Mexican pesos, who would not want this amount of money per month? His work has consisted you get to be among the most famous Youtubers and a higher income amount by which your income is well deserved.

As we have seen in How much famous Youtubers make Hello I’m German, Werevertumorro, ElrubiusOMG and Pewdiepie; They are the highest paid and most Youtubers famous network video, here I leave a video of Yuya to see who do not know the reason for his success.

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