How Much Mourinho And Pep Guardiola Makes a Month?

How Much Mourinho And Pep Guardiola Makes a Month1

José Mourinho is a coach of Portuguese origin, repeatedly named the best coach by FIFA (specifically in 2004, 2005 and 2010) being awarded the Golden Ball in 2010 It is recognized by habar twice won the European Champions League “Champions League” on two different computers, in addition to winning four times leagues from different countries: Portugal, Spain, England and Italy.

Since June 2013 he signed a contract to be the coach of the English football team Chelsea which will be part until 2017, when his contract ends. This is expected to achieve to win the English team that has repeatedly been named team of the year and one of the best in history.

Pep Guardiola is a coach and former Spanish footballer, from 2008 to 2012 he coached FC Barcelona where consecutively won 6 different titles for the Barca team, including: the UEFA Champions League, Copa del Rey, UEFA Super Cup, Super Cup of Spain, the Spanish La Liga and finally the World Cup, and was named the best coach in 2009 and 2011 is currently Technical Director of Bayern Munich.

How Much Mourinho And Pep Guardiola Makes a Month2
Comparing their salaries

Like many other coaches the payment made to the coach is by season, however, the salary Mourinho is currently the second highest paid among coaches worldwide, with a figure of $10 million per year (fixed tax).

This means that by year dollar has a salary of approximately 13 million 815 thousand per year. If we divide a month we will have more than a million dollars per month, an amount that many people fail to see only after a lifetime of work, while many others never see.

So we can calculate the amount of money you earn during his Chelsea contract with a duration of 4 years, the total is 40.8 million euros per season between 2013 and 2017, we will in dollars over 55 million, and are also tax free.

Currently the highest paid coach in the world is that Guardiola is in charge of the German club Bayern with a salary of $17 million per year (about 16 million $ 250,000 per year).
How Much Mourinho And Pep Guardiola Makes a Month3
Mourinho in 2011 rejected an offer of 25 million Euros per season, from the owner of the football team Makhachkala of Russia, which would have made him the highest paid in the world and of history as soccer increasingly exceeds new figures.

As a cultural thing we need in the Spanish league coach earns more money is Carlo Ancelotti manager of Real Madrid with $ 7.5 million a year, followed by Tata Martino Barcelona coach with $ 5.5 million a year.

As we have seen with Ronaldinho. Unlike the players is no apparent reason for concern job loss with age, since despite being elderly can continue to lead a football team, however, we have to assume that you must have a good deal of wages saved thinking about a possible withdrawal.

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