How Much Does A Municipal Police Officer Make?

How Much Does A Municipal Police Officer Make1

Being police in general is a relatively dangerous activity in most countries of the world, however, is quite necessary to maintain public order, they watch for our safety despite the risk involved for them.

In some municipalities only required no criminal record to enter into public forces, in other courses are to enter and update from time to time to maintain adequate training of security forces.

In general, municipal police are the first responders to an emergency exists anywhere in the municipality, after state police arrive and after this the federal police, which will only come if the above could not keep the situation.

Salary Municipal Police

Being Mexico a country of contrasts, wages of various public officials certainly show this reality that people in our country live. The budgets depend heavily on federal and state resources given to municipalities.
How Much Does A Municipal Police Officer Make2
In general these officers receive lower wages than state and federal police, in fact some of them climb as it were from municipal to positions where pay is better. So, in 2012 the municipality of Timizín in Yucatan had a salary of only $350 per month to protect the people of this county, which means they earn about twice the minimum wage.

Contrary part municipality in 2012 had a better salary was Tijuana in Baja California with about $US 1,150. However, we can give an average of USD $540, like everything else in the country from further south you find seems that wages are smaller.

Despite not being a rule, some municipalities offer some facilities to their employees as food stamps (which are not part of salary) that help the economy of the family, plus discounts granted in some stalls (between 10- 15%) in places of commodities such as clothing for example.

Multiple national and international institutions report that low police salaries are generally create an unstable environment that forces elements to engage in corruption or collude with organized crime to improve their quality of life, unlike other countries such as the civil Guard in Spain.

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