How Much Does a Nurse Make Per Month?

How Much Does a Nurse Make Per Month

Nursing is one of the races in the area of ​​health can now get more work, above doctors and professionals in this area.

As we have seenon How Much a Doctors Makes? nurses are the proximity to patients and why they are necessary and well paid in the health sector? Each time the Mexican and world population requires more nurses, hence the need to train more people in this race, that’s why so many public health institutions such as the IMSS and private in the country offer this type of career in his catalog of professional and art.

How Much Does a Nurse Make Per Month?

As in all health career have two branches in which nurses can work, first we have the public sector. The health secretary’s salary of a nurse ranges from $300 to $610 dollars per month. The difference in this compensation technique is basically to be a nurse or licensed, well after the degree can be made specialties in surgery, intensive care, etc. that provide a higher salary.

In this monthly salary can add some bonuses that some companies added in respect of punctuality, attendance every business day, which is usually paid annually in various hospitals. These bonuses can range from one thousand dollars to two thousand dollars.

How Much Does a Nurse Make Per Month2

Another aspect to note is that most days update for the nursing area there every time, so some hospitals decide that their health personnel should attend such courses, the institution paying the trip. Another advantage is to have a safe most of the time can be exercised within the same hospital with preferential treatment, which saves money on external private insurance.

Then there’s the private sector where salaries are better without a doubt. A nurse can expect to earn $460 dollars per month upwards as military nurses, besides most people do not think that can work in a private home which increases their income, because in this area there is a quantity defined win .

On the other hand it can work both in public and private sectors, in different and night shifts which may lead to wages up to $1.150 dollars per month

Also taken into this job about two to four weeks of vacation per year, depending on seniority within the hospital, these rentals are paid and mandatory (if your employer does not will offer a little more so you do not take) since mental and physical exhaustion inherent in the race results in a mandatory rest well established in the law.

Nursing is so needed today in all hospitals in the world because they are the right hand of the doctor patient but also as a vocational nurse has quality that approaches the sensitivity of the patient recovering from giving aid and how best possible.

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