How Much A Pediatrician Make A Month?

How Much A Pediatrician Make A Month1

A pediatrician is a medical specialist who is trained not only in general medicine, but has a special attention and care of children and adolescents approach, since this specialty caters to people from the first days of life to 18 years old.

Mexico has a mixed health system, where public and private hospitals coexist, allowing the exercise of the profession in any sector as decided by the specialist. Naturally the public sector can expect to pay much less than the private sector.

In the public sector there are vacancies that require the profile of these physicians, their wages are fixed at an average of $ 20,000 to $ 35,000 monthly pesos, and must cover office hours or on call, in these cases include three cycles of about 16 hours each.

Like the nutritionist, the private sector has a greater amount of income in monetary terms, since a good pediatrician may have an office in which he has on average only 4 patients a day, each query can cost around $100, so the end of the month will have about $ 3.070 US dollars per month, which is already considered a considerable income similar to dentists who charge for consultation.
How Much A Pediatrician Make A Month2
However, the above example could create much higher incomes, there pediatricians might charge consultation at $ 100 and have an acceptable customer per month, which can double or triple the income of the public sector are described above.

There is also the option to make shifts in private hospitals (like those in the health sector) where earnings reach figures of $3,600 a month, indicating nearly double the money compared to the salary that can be obtained by working in a public medium .

There is always the possibility of combining work in both sectors, which can result in much larger sums of money at the end of the month, with a greater charge of work, however, the vast majority of pediatricians choose to combine public sector jobs to have an approximate monthly salary o $6.150 US dollars per month.

The workload will depend almost entirely on the doctor in question, especially in the private media, however in this medical specialty (along with gynecology and obstetrics) cell doctor will be ringing at any unexpected moment, a call which does not can escape.

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