How Much Does a Petroleum Engineer Make a Month?

how much does a petroleum engineer make a month1

The Petroleum Engineering, is an applied scientific methods aimed at developing techniques and practices to explore, exploit, develop, transport and process the oil from the reservoir to the final product and derivatives. Currently in Mexico there is only one oil field to work directly or indirectly all engineers to practice their profession will find linked to PEMEX (Petróleos Mexicanos).

Despite the hitherto monopoly company, petroleum engineers are among the best-paid professions in the country, the minimum wage is taken into PEMEX $ 200 pesos a day, corresponding to people without a college degree.

Salary of Petroleum Engineers

We can say that a petroleum engineer earn on average about $1,000 dollars a month at least, in less flattering position of the company, however, an executive who has charge of the supervision of a specific area have salaries of $6.400 $ Monthly in average in Mexico, which is equal to or slightly more than $8,000 dollars a month, a salary well above the national average. However, foreigners dominate the sector may come to perceive up to $ 10.500 dollars monthly, equivalent to more than $ 135,000 pesos per month, which demonstrates the importance of the industry in the country.

how much does a petroleum engineer make a month2

Perhaps best of all is that the trend of wages tends to almost always rise from one year to another, as people increasingly more prepared in the oil sector that can adequately meet the requirements of the sector is required. Such is the need to graduate college ready, that today the company seeks: mechanical engineers, chemical engineers, petroleum engineers, civil engineers, electrical engineers, industrial engineers, geological engineers, geophysicists and engineers.

Mastering two skills are crucial in the promotion within the company, the level of English and working knowledge of the machinery used, the two have to do with the momentum that tries to give the company to become a company world class, able to overcome the challenges imposed by the global market. There is a shortage of professionals in this area, so many foreigners choose to come to the country to fill the vacancies that open in the country.

It is believed that the salaries will skyrocket thanks to the Energy Reform undertaken by this government up to 40%, the main reason being the lack of people engaged in the industry and also have an adequate command in the workplace.

It is without doubt a career that at least in the immediate future will have good prospects for growth and workforce development in the country is estimated to require annually about 1,000 engineers, however, only graduates 300 in the country also do not dominate the areas that companies require.

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