How Much a Physiotherapist Earn?

How Much a Physiotherapist Earn

Physiotherapy is a branch of medicine in charge of rehabilitation treatments using natural therapeutic exercise, cold, heat, water, electricity, massage and electricity is not limited to procedures or techniques treating people of bio-psycho-social manner. In many countries physiotherapists play an increasingly important role in health activities, especially the places where the population tends to age, they become professionals needed to maintain optimal levels of well-being instead.

This similar to the nursing care activity specifically in the rehabilitation of muscle and bone injuries of any degree of damage even after an operation, especially required by high performance athletes. In fact it has been considered as one of the best paid careers besides being the future for the high current demand, since there is a relative scarcity of these professionals, it is relatively easy to find work for them in comparison to other professions.

How Much a Physiotherapist Earn?

Currently, most of these workers are in the private sector, however, there are specialized centers of public service within the Ministry of Health in which they serve and the CRIT centers Telethon. In these places have established a payment of about $ 8,000 pesos per fortnight working, giving us $ 1.400 USD per month

However, not all public medical hospitals and sports centers CONADE have such services, only some specialized can afford to pay for these professionals from $ 700 to $ 1,000 dollars per month, this makes private clinics and private hospitals in its largest employer.

How Much a Physiotherapist Earn2

In private clinics can earn for each patient who comes to your door, your average payment is $45 per visit, so only four patients per day for five days of work have a stipend of $ 3,600 dollars at the end of the month.

In some clinics are not given all the money made in the consultation but a percentage of between 50% to 70%, which likewise a lot of money lead with 50% of the previous amount of individual centers, salary is $ 20,000 Mexican pesos or $ 1,500.

In addition, some insurers have begun to work with them, so despite lowering its share at $ 100 pesos per patient have up to 8 patients per day. This implies a greater amount of time working, but the same way a lot of revenue to $ 19.200 pesos which is the same as $ 1.450 U.S. dollars per month. However, everything depends on the way to practice the profession of each.

These professionals like nutritionists have the advantage of relatively new to most of the population services, which may become a luxury or an unknown activity for some sectors of the population who can go to private clinics each week to obtain the benefits that the care of these medical professionals.

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