How Much Does The President Of Argentina Make Per Month?

How Much Does The President Of Argentina Make Per Month1

The current President of Argentina is Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, who is in the position since 2010 President of the nation Argentina is chosen every four years by direct vote, be reelected for an immediate period only once and is responsible the executive branch in Argentina, being head of state, government and the Armed Forces of the country during the period of their mandate.

Whenever politician’s salaries are subject to comprehensive review and criticism by his detractors, besides the general population believes that in most cases politicians get rich at the expense of their government positions, however, these are the official data from the salary of the current President of Argentina.

Officially, the president of the nation is granted monthly $ 79.005 Argentine pesos, that is about $9,700 a month, however, after-tax, deductions for pension funds and life insurance your salary is reduced to only $ 48.336 pesos Argentine something like $ 6,000. For comparison, we saw that earns more than the president of El Salvador, Honduras, but less than the president of Mexico and the United States.

How Much Does The President Of Argentina Make Per Month2
Not to mention the cats that are generated from the protection and housing for members of the presidential family. During the term are entitled to reside in the Pink House, are also entitled to use a rest house have private guards, besides being able to use a number of cars, planes and helicopters belonging to the country.

If these benefits were counted we would have a much larger sum of money, but not delivered directly in cash or president, represent a direct cost to state coffers.

It is important to recognize that the law prohibits the executive Argentina increase his salary during his term, which allows at least in theory reduce the risk implied by a head of state you plan to take advantage of his political position to make a fortune at the expense of state coffers.

We can compare this amount of money because the minimum wage is obtained in Argentina: $ 449 U.S. dollars. This implies that CEO gets about 13 times more money than most of the people of that country. It is clear that the difficult economic situation requires increasingly devalue the currency, reducing the purchasing power of Argentina society.

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