How Much Does The President Of Chile Make Per Month?

How Much Does The President Of Chile Make Per Month1

Currently the President of Chile Michelle Blachelet, which is in the position since March 11, 2014, a position he held for 4 years until 2018 without the possibility of being re-elected to office in the later period. However, he had been leading the country from 2006 to 2010, this being his second term.

The President is the highest authority in the country, responsible for the executive and army chief military. However, his position had different purposes and importance throughout the existence of the Republic of Chile.

Your gross monthly salary up to $ 8,600,000 Chilean pesos despite being a large sum corresponding to $ 15.040 dollars monthly, once that is done the tax rebate are free nearly $ 11,000 for President but compared to other countries, the first Chilean president earns more than the president of Argentina and Colombia, being in America just below the salary of the President of United States and Mexico.

And 1 and a half million pesos ($ 2.700 U.S. dollars) will account for transport costs and 4 ½ million Chilean pesos ($ 8.120 U.S. dollars) for expenses related to the use of the president’s own offices.
How Much Does The President Of Chile Make Per Month2
His salary is among the best for the leaders of America, though far from the top two spots on the list: President of USA with $ 34,000 per month and the president of Mexico with monthly $ 20.000.

The salary of the President of Chile corresponds to approximately 40 times the minimum wage in this country, becoming the president in one of the best paid in the OECD terms according to general wage in your country.

Unlike what happens in most countries of the world there is no official residence, so that throughout the post can be found within your own home or rent one for the state. The Palace of Cerro Castillo can be used by the President, being considered its resting place, however, is not officially stated and Palacio de la Moneda, the official seat of work.

Once the charge is left, the title of Past President is acquired and an annuity, which corresponds to the salary of members of Congress, this amount is about 6 million Chilean pesos per month is received (corresponding to $ 10.800 monthly) dollars. However, once again takes this right for public office and receive lost wages due to the position they are exercising.

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